What’s the optimal way to wash clothes to keep them longer?

Generally speaking, please refer to the washing labels attached to the inside of the garment. We also recommend that you always wash them inside out in cold water, separating the colors in the first wash. If you use a dryer, preferably choose a low drying temperature. Snowsuits, for their part, must always be washed in cold water and dried flat in order to preserve the entire impermeability of the fabric.
In addition, the fur must be removed before washing. Do not wash the fur.

What’s the lowest winter temperature your snowsuits are designed for?

Our snowsuits are designed for very cold temperatures, going as low as -30 °C,  thanks to the combination of 3 specific layers: 100% polyester or 100% nylon weatherproof fabric, a high density interlining and, finally, a microfleece lining.

Are your snowsuits waterproof?

Yes. The combination of an inner membrane and a hydrophilic Teflon EcoEliteTM surface treatment brings to our coats a high waterproofing of 5000 mm. This protection, applied to the surface of our fabrics, offers the added advantage of being dirt-repellant and promotes faster drying.

What time of year is your rain gear designed for?

Our rain suits are designed to be worn in the spring, and at the end of the fall period. Lined with microfleece for warmth and comfort, our coats are designed with a waterproofing treatment-coated fabric on the surface, and a hydrophilic membrane on the inside of the garment.

How do I select the right size garment for my child?

We now have a size chart available on our website that matches the size of our clothes. You can take the measurements of your child according to the diameter of his/her chest, waist and hips and thus be guided in the choice of clothing size.

Why aren’t there any prices on the website, nor an online store?

Online sales are not yet available on our website. We invite you to visit the websites of our retailers to find  the prices, and to make your purchases. You can view the list of our retailers in the Points of Sale section.

Do you recruit junior models to participate in your photo shoots?

Yes! We are constantly looking for boys and girls aged between 3 and 5 years old to represent Nanö in our various advertising campaigns. To apply, simply send us 2 photos of your child, the first one showing us his or her face only, and the second one showing him/her from head to toe. Include the name, date of birth, and size of your child's clothing as well as your contact information, and we will be happy to contact you if your child is selected for the casting. Please send all requested photos and information to Ms. Cindy Tremblay-Savard, photo shoot manager, at the following email address:  mannequin@nano.ca.

How can we stay informed of news updates?

Please check our website regularly, or follow us on our Facebook page. We publish all newly available collections at the beginning of each season.

Is it possible to be a distributor and represent the Nanö brand internationally?

Yes. If you have an interest in distributing our brand abroad, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at the following email address:  info@nano.ca.